Web tool for net surfing is part of syllabus education.edu should teach it.

You education.edu should include it in all education.edu system for education development of people. Your country has people of many languages and it is education.edu duty that they can surf all websites easily with available technology. Cost : If education.edu have 1 million students then cost of this technology is 1 million US$ for life time. You should Pay here.


If you are not a part of education.edu then contact to education.edu for implementation of this invention for development of people.

Link of New technology education.edu you should read and teach : For education.edu teaching technology

SEO web tool

Sample web tool

Web tool is part of syllabus education.edu should teach

Problem and Solution by web tool for education.edu website

1. URLs are in English. So, education.edu website users and non-English people have hesitation to surf these pages.
2. Problem: If a education.edu website users gets education.edu webpage by help of anyone then he needs help again and again of anyone.
3. Solution: After this new method he will press only any 3 keys twice from keyboard in add bar and Ctrl+Enter and he will get his webpage. Ex. ppooii Ctrl+Enter, kkjjhh.com etc.

3 billion people can not type Google, Facebook, Yoursite.com etc. Atoall web tool solves!