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For Computer and Languages Subject Experts and Education Development

This new option will give huge benefits to the students of your country, send an application to the ministry of education of your country to add this new technology in computer syllabus and arrange press conference -It will give you media coverage with your name and picture, be first in your state/country or district- and arrange seminars on new internet technology for education development in schools - You will be famous in your school / collage because it's new invention, be first in your school -. Get postal address of the Ministry of Education of your country from here click here. Copy the matter as below.

New addition for computer subject.

New content for computer book syllabus and languages books. (best for 6th, 8th, 10th standards).
  1. Easy internet surfing method for education development.
  2. By this technology no need of English on English keyboards for internet surfing for education on internet. People have maximum computers which are based on English keyboards. By this technology non-English public can surf internet now by English keyboards.
  3. Type in the address bar any three (3) keys, diagonally downward angle twice and press Ctrl+Enter keys together example ttggbb.com (.com = Ctrl+Enter). Ctrl & Enter keys are available at corners of keyboard.
  4. You will see your country languages. Select your language and get information.
  5. After this you can read news in your language, play games, see pictures, read science, math, history, languages, etc which are available on internet.
  6. Internet is the fastest way for communication.
  7. Why is this important? Non-English world is going back many steps because of the English language. Non English information is available at English domains. So, English domains are big problem in internet world. When internet was being started the scientists made domain names of websites mandatory in English. It was anti education and for many languages like Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Japanese etc.
  8. Every one can approach on his language's content by this new technology.
  9. Development of any country depends on educated public. Education will be more effective in regional languages. Internet is the best way for this. Non-English internet program is the best way for public.