Language tool for website users

language tool for website users, Your website users have problem for surfing. because they are non-English and your name is in English alphabtets. And many people has English keyboards.

Sample and html code for

Surf more quickly with Web Accessibility Tool of Atoall With Web Accessibility Tool of Atoall

URLs of websites are in English. So, non-English, rural and regional people can't open web sites. Our language tool is best solution for them.

1. Regional language users will get webpage by help of anyone once only.
2. After that they can open websites with our tool, by their own hand.
3. They will type in address bar ppooii Ctrl+Enter site will open or etc. (any 3 keys, right to left, twice.)
4. Governments and websites owners must paste our code in own websites

Our language tool works as following for websites.

1. Copy and paste code in body tag in your own website and upload.
2. Open your own website in your browser for one time after pasting the code.
3. Now type in address bar or (ooiiuu and Ctrl + Enter) etc. web site will open. See keyboard picture
Free web accessibility tool differs from translation work. Contents of websites are translatable. But URLs of websites are in English which are not translatable in other languages. Web tool gives world wide solution for that. Also web accessibility tool works for over 100 languages.